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Humanitarian and Welfare

“Each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.”

Emergency Relief
Kenya has had its fair share of natural disasters. Due to the close structures in the slums of Kenya, fires and floods have a ripple and devastating effect on their homes which are either made of mud or iron sheets which are not able to withstand the forces of nature. During such times ABSN and ABRC work quickly to mobilise a team to assess the situation on the ground and then work with other organisations to collect funds and relief materials accordingly. Some are rendered homeless immediately and so they are assisted with temporary shelter and household items until they are stable again. Many homes have also been rebuilt.

The most important item in the world. ABSN and ABRC has partnered with well-wishers and other organisations to build boreholes, wells and get water connections set up to benefit the entire community in their respective areas.

Annual Iftar Packs – Ramadan
Every year through your generous contributions, ABSN and ABRC is able to distribute Iftar to over 3,500 families all over Kenya.


Covid-19 Food Pack Relief
This pandemic has brought havoc into the lives of millions of Kenyans. Many have lost their jobs and hence are unable to feed themselves and their families. ABSN with Mums in Action started a fundraiser to help these families. Funds came through private well-wishers and we thus partnered with Lady Fatema Trust whereby 350 families including widows and several institutions from different areas around Nairobi were presented with the relief packs.

Blanket and food distribution

Mary Faith Children's Orphanage - Riruta Satellite

Mathare Peace Initiative - Kenya