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Healthcare and Medical Camps

Healthcare in Kenya is not cheap nor is it easily accessible. Ailments that we take for granted in the developed countries, are seen as a threat in Africa. Even when a test detects a certain illness or disease, over 80% of Kenyans cannot afford to get themselves treated. ABSN and ABRC helps as much as it can to cater for at least 50 % of their bills for the tests and medications. These are paid directly to the clinic or hospital. ABSN holds free Annual Medical and Eye Camps in honour of Lady Zainab (a.s) the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w). During these camps, patients get seen by a doctor, dentist or eye specialist and if they are refereed for further treatment ABSN and ABRC will take it forward until treatment is completed. Camps have been done in Nakuru, Kawangware, Sagana, Kibera, Park Road, Langata and Nairobi. Special cases are dealt with on an individual basis.