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Motivated by the vision of a world where women can reach their potential, the Ahlul Bayt Sisters Network (ABSN) is committed to teaching women to become socially and economically empowered. We are engaged in Tableegh Activities and hold regular effective seminars with people of all faiths to discuss Islamic Idealogs. Given the famine hit regions in Eastern Kenya, ABSN jointly channels its efforts with various organizations to alleviate hunger, provide shelter and makes Education accessible.

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Medical Camps | Food stamps | Education assistance

ABSN Programs

Workshops, Seminars And Conferences

Our sisters and members are invited to participate in various conferences and seminars to learn more about the society and improvement of social work and skills.

Education - Almahdi Sponsorship Scheme

To help the needy and deserving Muslim students with limited financial resources who display academic excellence and desire to acquire knowledge and skills to enhance self-reliance by pursuing their education through our sponsorship scheme.

ABSN Bookshop

We have a wide variety of books for adults and children in various categories. E. g Aqaeed, Fiqh, Akhlaq, Hadith, History, Arabic and Quran.

Vocational Courses

Short courses for women: Tailoring, Computers, Crochet, Religious Studies English, and Lectures. Regular Exhibitions by our members helps in building their confidence and marketing skills.

Humanitarian, Welfare & Social Visits (Sadqa Box) Ahlul Bayt(As) Releif Committee –N.G.O

Regular help includes Education (school fees), porridge for children in Madressas, widows, orphans sick people and farming. Emergency help includes Death, Hospitalization and Medical, Marriage assistance, Funeral expenses, Transport. Re -building homes due to floods and fires. In Ramadan , food Parcels are given every year depending on the donations received to as many areas as possible. We also do Goat Sadaka and is done at various centers around Kenya.

Healthcare & Medical Camps

Annual medical camps are done to re – awaken the message of Lady Zainab (as) from a different prospective. We remember this great personality as an utmost knowledgeable, spiritual, patient person and care giver, who saw immense tragedies in her life. Yet she stood strong in her faith. During these camps both Muslims and non –Muslims are treated and free medicines are prescribed.

Change Lives With A Donation

Giving a donation to ABSN can help us to reach more people in need of assistance. Help us make the world a better place.