Special Programmes

  1. Iftar (Ramadhan)– To feed a family of five for one week Kshs 3600/=,  USD35, £30 per pack.
  2. Annual Quran Competition after Ramadan.
  3. Muharram, Ashura and Arbaeen – Simultaneous events taking place all over the centers.
  4. Sadaqa GoatsKshs 4000/=, £32,  USD 40 per goat.
  5. Majlis for the benefit of the deceased. It requires Kshs 15,600/=, £120, USD 156 per Majlis.
  6. Monthly Gatherings

For any further queries or information and donations kindly contact sister Zahida Mohammadali on this email address admin@absn.co.ke.

Majlis held in Riruta for Sister Hawa Hassan

Sister Hawa Hassan passed away on 29th March 2017. She was an active member of ABSN.

Ashura Day - Park Road.