Sadaqa Programme

Sadaqa collected helps in…

  • Medical assistance
  • Education
  • Agriculture (seeds)
  • Business loans
  • Food Aid
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Burial/funerals
  • Emergencies

Sadaqa Tin. Every shilling helps.

Some of the Sadaqa Beneficiaries and Projects.

Matress and Regular food ration - Widow.
Business Opportunity - Widow.
Re-building damaged flooded house for Fatuma.
Water tank project @ Changamwe. Supported by Ahlul bayt(as) Center, Sadaqa and Donor.
Little Ramadan Rashid from Malakisi coming for treatment in Nairobi. Sadaqa and private donor.
A much better Ramadan...
Classroom construction. Private donor and Sadaqa.
Ukunda well – Private donor and Sadaqa