ABSN ESTABLISHED IN 2000 registered as a society.

  • Started with Mujtaba Publications
  • Al Mahdi Education Scheme
  • Quran, Arabic, Tafseer classes
  • Nahjul Balagha
  • Workshops
  • Counscelling
  • Teenage Parenting
  • Stress /Anger management
  • Time Management

Plans and agenda for: skill building for women.

Aims And Objectives:

  • To empower women in various fields of self-sustainability.
  • To promote cross functional development through active learning.
  • To ensure that each and every group member is adequately equipped to chart her own lifestyle.
  • To create various outreach programmes/lectures/assignments/attachments, so as to enhance confidence in them.
  • To create and enabling circumstance for them to learn and practice their craft or vocation.
  • Guide and encourage them throughout the tenure of the course.
  • Allow women to work independently and feel freely.
  • To give freedom to balance home and work and to work in one’s own free time, without the commitment of a fixed job.
  • To teach and enhance knowledge, through various short courses aimed at being creative and enlightened e.g. handicraft, art, computers, stitching, making various small gift items, etc.
  • Buy the finished products at a certain agreed price and sell their wares for them at our shop for little profit.
  • Later on, initiate mass-production, to have our own salesperson who will sell from shop to shop our individual wares.